GMO Free Turkish Cotton

Türkiye does not need GMO products due to the agricultural potential and climatic advantage it possesses. We have the potential to produce almost all our agricultural products including cotton without gmo.

In the present day, not only the production of cotton but also its marketing under trademarks and standards created and globally accepted are quite important. Trademarks and standards have critical impacts in the present-day markets in which severe competition ıs experienced. 

İzmir Commodity Exchange and the National Cotton Councıl has brought into being the project “GMO Free Turkish Cotton” in order to make the GMO Free Turkish Cotton all over the world and, in this context, to ensure the gmo free cotton productıon to be noticed by the global final consumers.

Once we have obtained the “warranty mark” registration from the Turkish Patent and Trademark Authority, Union of Textile and Textile Raw Materials Exporters of İstanbul has been a partner in our project as well.

We believe that our trademark will contribute to the efforts made for the branding of gmo free cotton and textile and ready-made clothing products made of such cotton in the international market.

A standard belonging to our trademark has been created in order to monitor and document the purchase, processing and use of gmo free cotton principal and side products in all production processes.

Our trademark logos are eligible for use in two ways: as a label on the cotton bales and as a label on finished products made of gmo free labelled cotton. 

All companies included ın the ginnıng, textile and ready-made clothing business that want to use these labels will be assessed by certification bodies bearing certification criteria in the national and international area and authorised by the standard-owning organisations just as in the organic certification.

Please visit https://www.gmofreeturkishcotton.org/eng/ for further information.