"E-Commodity Bazaar" Commodity Trading Portal

E-Commodity Bazaar is an e-marketplace established by Izmir Commodity Exchange in order to promote the trading of agricultural and food products. The significant experience and knowledge accumulated by the Izmir Commodity Exchange in the exchange of agricultural products for more than 120 years have been combined with information technologies and the opportunities provided by the internet, and brought to the service of related parties.

E-Commodity Bazaar allows member firms to display their products and announce auctions for the products they want to purchase and sell. Products displayed and auctions announced can be monitored by everyone visiting the website. E-Commodity Bazaar does not take any commission from the transactions to be carried out by the members. It does not stand a guarantor for the trading transactions conducted by the parties. Membership applications filed for the website are checked before confirmation.

Mission of E-Commodity Bazaar is to enhance the trading of agricultural and food products at international level and ensure the members benefit from the opportunities provided by electronic commerce. Thanks to this website, parties are able to reach related counterparties for different product groups, display their products, monitor the products displayed by other member companies and obtain best possible price and product offers for purchase and sale purposes through the auctions they can announce whenever they wish. The site also has an application running on mobile platforms. It is, thus, possible to reach E-Commodity Bazaar from everywhere at all times.
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