Fungal Diseases in Seedless Grape Vineyards Research Project

The number of the complaints about bud break disorders, wither on the shoots and dead vines in the vineyards in the Aegean region has recently increased tremendously. The producers have reported numerous incidents of dead vines and the decrease in the yield. For this reason, İzmir Commodity Exchange has launched a project called “Fungal Diseases in Seedless Grape Vineyards Research Project” in cooperation with the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock Manisa Vineyards Research Station. 

This project involve comprehensive investigation on the reasons of the withers and death in the shoots and wooden parts of the vines in Manisa and İzmir where sultana grapes are extensively grown. The vineyards will be controlled, the prevalence of the withers and death will be determined and the possible fungal factors will be investigated. Following the termination of the research and obtaining the results, training programs will be organized for the producers and technical personnel.