Pesticide Residue Preventive Activities in Raisin

Türkiye realizes 25% of the world’s seedless raisin production and 40% of the exports, which makes Türkiye the “leader country” in the world seedless raisin market. The seedless raisin export has always been very important for our country and this product is regarded as “traditional export product”. Agricultural pesticide residue is one of the leading problems in raisin export in Türkiye. Pesticide residue can be defined as residue of the agricultural pesticides on the product in an amount which can be harmful to the human body. The maximum limit that is permitted to remain on the product is called as Maximum Residue Limit (MRL) and this limit varies according to the pesticide. In order to solve the residue problem which is crucial for the export of our country, all actors of the sector should act in full consciousness while using pesticides.

The project launched in 2009 by the İzmir Commodity Exchange involves training activities for producers, pesticide distributors, advisors, pesticide prescribers and all actors of the sector. The agricultural engineer who has been commissioned for this project since 2009 has been organizing these training activities in the production areas and villages.