Committee for International Co-operations Between Cotton Associations (CICCA) Membership

The commodity exchanges can act as arbitrator in order to solve conflicts, provided that there is a conflict between its members or a special article is placed in their agreements. İTB successfully serves as an arbitrator for its members. Nevertheless, given to the increase in the cotton import beginning in the mid-1990s, a need for an international arbitration authority appeared. Therefore, İTB became a member of CICCA which was established by the 18 leading organizations in world cotton sector. The objective of the CICCA is to represent common interests of the raw cotton buyers and sellers and the cotton associations, and to protect the rights of the producers, transporters, exporters, importers and consumers.

The membership application of the İTB was officially accepted in Liverpool on October 5, 2000 and İTB has become an official authority in international arbitration in cotton sector.

Please visit http://www.cicca.info/pdf_files/open_default_list.pdf?v=1391785272056 to access the CICCA Black List.