ICE visits the Undersecretaries in Ankara

İzmir Commodity Exchange (ICE) delegation led by Mrs. Işınsu Kestelli, chairperson of the Board of Directors, who were in Ankara to participate in the 74th General Assembly of the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey (TOBB), paid a visit to Mr. İsmail Yücel, Deputy Undersecretary of the Ministry of Customs and Trade, and Mr. Ahmet Güldal, Deputy Undersecretary of the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock, after visiting Atatürk's Mausoleum in Ankara.

The ICE Board of Directors and TOBB delegates started the day by visiting Anıtkabir, where they stood in silent homage before the monumental tomb of the founding father of the Turkish Republic.

Following the visit to Anıtkabir, the delegation comprising Mrs. Işınsu Kestelli, Mr. Barış Kocagöz, President of the Assembly, Mr. Ömer Gökhan Tuncer, Deputy President of the Assembly, Mr. Ercan Korkmaz and Mr. Bülent Arman, deputy chairpersons of the Board of Directors, the Treasurer Bülent Uçak, the Board Members Mr. Özhan Şen and Dr. Tayfur Akın and the Secretary General Dr. Erçin Güdücü visited Mr. İsmail Yücel, Deputy Undersecretary of the Ministry of Customs and Trade.

Welcoming the ICE delegation, Mr. Yücel said, "İzmir Commodity Exchange is a valuable institution that has always pioneered developments in the field of agriculture. In addition to being the chairperson of the Exchange, Mrs. Kestelli carries the responsibility of being a role model for Turkish women. She has created a good synergy with her team. As a result, the İzmir Commodity Exchange maintains its effective and decisive position in İzmir's agricultural policies." Stating that Mr. Yücel had always been supportive of the projects run by the ICE, Mrs. Kestelli said, "We thank you for your support in every step we take with regard to the development of the agriculture of our region. We fully believe that with your collaboration, we will continue to contribute to our local and national economy just as we did in the previous periods."

After visiting Mr. Yücel, the ICE delegation paid a visit to the Deputy Undersecretary Mr. Ahmet Güldal in his office. Having congratulated him in his new position as the Deputy Undersecretary after his previous post as the Provincial Director of Agriculture of İzmir, Mrs. Kestelli said, "It is very gratifying for us that Mr. Güldal, who contributed dearly to our agricultural projects throughout his time in İzmir, represents our city here in Ankara. We thank Mr. Güldal for his support to our studies in the fields of agriculture and livestock in the past period and wish to continue the same cooperation in the current period as well." Mr. Güldal wished the best for the new ICE Board in their work and expressed that he would be pleased to cooperate with and do his best for the ICE in every possible way that would carry further İzmir's potential in agriculture and livestock sectors.