Kocagöz: Two developments in cotton are very pleasing

The President of İzmir Commodity Exchange (ICE) and the Chairperson of National Cotton Council (UPK) Mr. Barış Kocagöz commented on two important developments regarding the cotton sector in relation to the entry into force of the subsidies provided for the producers who store their products in licensed warehouses and the fact that the "GMO FREE Turkish Cotton project" that has been shared with the public recently would be promoted throughout the world under the auspices of Turkish Promotion Group.

Stating that the cotton production in Turkey still couldn't meet the amount consumed in the country, Mr. Kocagöz said "For many years, we have had to import 600 to 900 thousand tonnes of cotton to make up for the amount of raw material we consume more than we produce. However, our production which hit the rock bottom with 400 thousand tonnes will have finally reached 850 thousand tonnes including the last season's production through correct applications carried out in the last 5 years."

Mr. Kocagöz, noting that the cotton production in Turkey continued to increase thanks to the right steps taken one after the other, stressed that the two major developments that occurred recently were of vital importance for the producers. Mr. Kocagöz said, "Thanks to the "GMO FREE" brand label developed jointly by the ICE and the UPK in order to be used on our textile products, the brand advantage which we have already had will now gain even more momentum with the support of Turkish Textile Exporters and Turkish Exporters' Assembly (TİM) as the "GMO FREE Turkish Cotton Project" will be promoted throughout the world by the "Turkish Promotion Group" established under TİM to function in order to improve the exports and strengthen the country's image in world markets through the perception of Turkish Goods. Turkish textile exporters will thus have the chance to outcompete their rivals in the world textile league thanks to this brand advantage, which belongs only to them."

Mr. Barış Kocagöz, who stated that one other nice development was seen in the field of licensed warehousing, said "As it is known, ELİDAŞ (Aegean Agricultural Products Licensed Warehousing Inc.) which was established under the leadership of İzmir Commodity Exchange was the first to function as a licensed warehouse for cotton. We shared with the public the happiness that the storage capacity of ELİDAŞ warehouses, which successfully took up the journey of "Revolution in Agriculture", growing continuously with each passing year, was full this year. However, we would like to share with you happily that a huge step was taken for our country last week, this time in the field of licensed warehousing and contemporary agricultural marketing." He added, "Significant subsidies provided for the producers who store their products in licensed warehouses were approved and published in the official gazette last week. Accordingly, the producers will receive transportation support while transporting their products to licensed warehouses, not exceeding 25 Turkish Liras per kg. Most importantly, the rent to be paid for the products they store will be fully covered for 6 months. The analysis fees to be paid during the entrance to and exit from the warehouses will also be covered by our Ministry. We are grateful to everyone who has endeavoured for this major step taken in the name of contemporary marketing in Turkish agriculture and the future of licensed warehousing. We know the efforts of our Customs and Trade Minister Mr. Bülent Tüfenkçi and our Undersecretariat in this regard. We are confident that these subsidies will provide a very rapid development opportunity for licensed warehouses, which are essential for the infrastructure of the 'Turkish National Commodity Exchange' which is about to be established.

With these two good news, we have no doubt that Turkey will break a record in cotton production with 1 million ton if the support we hope the Ministry of Agriculture is going to provide is granted next season too.